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is a boutique legal practice focused on all matters relating to family and property law - with a team of highly qualified and experienced attorneys that can offer you the sensitivity and expertise you would need when facing challenges such as divorce, seperation, child custody matters and/or administration of deceased estates in a sensible manner.


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At TMF Attorneys, we are focused on you and your family's emotional wellbeing, therefore we endorse mediation as the first course in most matters related to family law to enable you to heal and move forward without lengthy legal battles. We also collaborate with skilled individuals like social workers and psychologists to deliver the most suitable solution in the best interest of all parties.


Our attorneys at TMF promise to listen to your concerns and queries, to seek to understand your family and legal needs, and to offer sensible and compassionate solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Please note that the information on this website is not legal advice and we advise that you approach a legal representative to advise you accordingly on your matter.

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